adsense approval trick 2014

adsense approval trick 2014

Scope of your website

Please aware of the scope of your blog. What is meant by scope? Certainly this is a very important point while developing a website or blog before applying Google Ad sense approval. Take an example; suppose you are going to develop a website about your city boundary and your site should get the very less scope and traffic. Scope means it will depend upon the strength of your city population or the visitors of your website. Other countries and states never read your blog or website at any circumstances. Google doesn’t like these websites because the advertisers are coming from the entire world. Google Ad words consumers are looking for the catching websites plus page ranking websites furthermore expecting an authentic traffic over the world through organic search.

Take an example on the subject of your website had information about the New Jersey institute of technology in United States. Can you please explain who the audience for this website are? Audience are only studied at this institute and you never get traffic for this website. Are you understood? Yes, develop your ad sense focusing sites must cover the world level audience or at least will cover many states. If you want to increase more visits and traffic you should develop the blog for common topics which are must necessitate to the major countries. No one considering this scope and follow the other steps perfectly and failed.

Create a website or blog for world level celebrities; educational websites, technology oriented blogs, sports, news websites and etc ... come on find it. Think about the scope level for your website and refer the Google Analytics report of your current traffic in the dash board then you apply the ad sense account.

Make sure your content is your possession

Unique contents will play the vital role as per the Google’s most recent hummingbird algorithm. Your contents and data should be informative and comprehensible is value added for your pages. Do not copy and paste the data from any of the website or blog is blender moreover infringement of the Google Ad sense program policies. You understand one thing visitors are not coming to website for entertaining they have various trouble at their place so that they looking for a solution in the web, if they found the solution in your blog that is the exact accomplishment. Feel free to read the Google ad sense beginners guide.

Create Google+ Account

You are a blogger or you have blog or website you should create a Google+ account along with your Gmail id (use this same Gmail id for applying ad sense) for place the +button in your web pages. This is the way readers can share your articles if they cherished at one stage plus your blog will get the factual audience through authentic organic searches.

Connect with facebook and twitter

In addition place the facebook like button and twitter, linked in follow buttons in your pages is more advantage. This kind of approaches will circulate your blog pages and you can get the authentic customers in a fruitful way. Now a day’s many third party websites provide a free code to connect all the social websites with easy steps. addthis is one of the website for doing this job.

Avoid Under Construction

Please make sure your context have no under construction pages. Google doesn’t like 404 errors while navigating.

Avoid difficult navigation

See the ad sense approved websites in internet that websites have an easy navigation and Google indexed all the pages through sitemap.xml. Give the importance to your internal links it should be easy to show the right path to your visitors. If Google found difficult navigation while auditing your ad sense application rejected straight away. In addition to put the robots.txt file in your web context is mandatory.

Aware of unsupported language

Another essential point you have to mind it for the Google supporting languages. Google declared a supporting languages policy and clearly enlighten to the applicants. Many of the applicants had mixed languages like Tamil and English. This kind of websites, blogs also in opposition to the Google ad sense policies.

Aware of Porn or Gambling content

Stay away from porn images and contents in your websites or blogs. This is a very important violation of Google policies for approval. Hidden SEO texts, tricking to re direct to another websites or calling the same page again and again is a bad manner. Follow the New SEO Techniques and don’t try to make fool a robot, yes you can’t win against the Robot ever mind it.

Design the website using HTML 5

Are you developed your site with old technologies? If yes, rapidly please switch over to HTML 5 along with responsive templates. Ad words customers are expecting a catching look websites with adopting all the devices like ipad, mobiles and as well supported by latest modern browsers.

Get Page Rank

Check your blog or websites Page Rank if no try to get the Page Rank. You know how to get page rank. Another websites add your website link as external links in favour of quality contents or best answers. and many other sites have provided the PR checking options as free. Try it and then apply the ad sense account.

Traffic is a key to open your account

Finally few words, boost the traffic of your website is a key to open your ad sense account. Try and follow all the points suggested by me and get the success in a reliable way. Good Luck!

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