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Kathi Movie First Feedback

Million of eyes looking for kathi movie review today movie have another all class performer from Murugadoss and Vijay combination! Definitely Kathy can be called as the Best commercial film of 2014 till date. It will be the first SUPER HIT film for Vijay in dual role, and its sure going to be a great treat for Vijay fans there is no doubt. Kathi has a tight slap for all of us people and media for putting aside even the news of farmers' group suicide! Salutes to AR.Murugadoss for picking this as the film's platform. After KAAVALAN and NANBAN, Actor Vijay has got a vital role with lot of chances to prove himself in touching scenes too, and vijay has used that perfectly in addition, he doesn't fail to offer what his fans expect from him particularly for dance, comedy and massive action. Each and every stunt sequence in the Kathy film will be celebrated by his fans and for sure his fans will go crazy over the interval dialogue!

Kathy story begins right from the first frame and progresses in the right pace till the end. Director's screenplay is completely gripping and there isn't a single boring scene in the film. As usual, vijay's dialogues are too sharp particularly the socialism explanation and in the press meet scene. The cinematography is stunning, to say the least. And, this review would be incomplete without speaking on the scintillating BGM from Playback superemo Anirudh, and his songs and his background score is the biggest plus point. On flipside, there are a few minuses but, those are all just ignorable. But some of the associations and sources were told this was a perfect copy story of writer vinayaga murugan's "The Rajiv Gandhi Street" and they have planned to go court.