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Hansika and Simbu 2014
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Simbu and Hansika declared for their love breakup status to the media. This is a very sad news for both fans and people don’t know the actual love status and problems between us. Earlier Hansika and Simbu mark a full stop of rumours about their love. Hansika suddenly appeared in mid night party during the simbu recent birthday celebration party. This event has full stop all the doubts and both are proved her love still in active.

Today Tamil cinema hot topic is simbu andrea love and hansika simbu love break up and every fans are looking for the reason behind. Earlier simbu nayanthara love subject is very famed and breaks up their love due to misunderstanding. Nayanthara again joined with prabu deva and simbu joined with hansika who is a leading Tamil actress.

Simbu and Hansika Love Breakup

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The reason behind simbu and Hansika breakup with their love is may be simbu pairing with his previous lover nayanthara in "ithu namma alu" Tamil movie recently. Movie under in shooting but hansika has refused to simbu when this project was started. Hansika strictly warned to avoid acting with Actress Nayanthara and simbu did not respond her pressure. This attitude will make more angry with silambarasan alias simbu and hansika mentally affected and declared her breakup status with Actor Simbu.

simbu and andrea new stills

Both simbu and hansika tweeting in twitter about their love and Tamil fans has believe this pair will going to getting married in 2014 but there is a ego and love uncertainties playing a vital role between hansika and simbu. Simbu now acts with andrea for "ithu enna solluthu" Tamil movie. During the shooting spot simbu and andreya chemistry is more aggressive and this is also one of the reasons for the breakup of simbu hansika love. Nayanthara left from prabu deva and went for alone past months, but after 7 years nayanthara met simbu in director pandiraj new tamil film starring with simbu.

ithu enna solluthu teaser

ithu enna solluthu official teaser released in YouTube. This ithu enna olluthu teaser make more curiosity of Andrea and simbu with very good chemistry in the film. Earlier, Mean while hansika open her mouth to the media please leave both of us to love peacefully. Media's should keep corm and allow us lonely for doing love. But now both are left from their love and producers are fearing about the "Vaalu" and "Vettai Mannan" Movies which are Simbu and Hansika Acted earlier