10th science important 5 marks

10th science important 5 marks

10th Science English Medium

All the 10th science important 5 marks are so important which are expected in 2015 or any upcoming 10th public examination. Study carefully all the following questions and you can get the 100 marks. The questions are taken as per the PTA(Parent Teacher Association) syllabus. For the past years most of the Questions are taken from the PTA as per the Blue Print

10th Biology Important Questions | Blue Print Syllabus

1.What is Genetic Engineering? [PTA]
[Public Exam: April 2014, April 2012, October 2012]
2.What are the uses and benefits of Genetic Engineering? [PTA]
[Public Exam: April 2014, April 2012, October 2012]
3.What is Bio Sensor and Biochips? [PTA]
[June 2012]
4.State four applications of Bio Sensor in medicines? [PTA]
[June 2012]
5.Kala has delivered a baby suggest the immunization schedule for the baby in six months? [PTA]
[Public Exam: April 2014, April 2012, June 2012]
6.Write a detailed note on Malaria? [PTA]
[Public Exam: October 2012]
7.There is a widespread outbreak of malaria in your area. Suggest some controlling measures to the local authorities concerned. [PTA]
[Departmental Question Paper]
8.Fruit is a product is a product of fertilization. Is there is any fruit without the act of fertilization? Represent the classification of fruits in a diagrammatic sketch. [PTA]
[Public Exam: April 2012]
9.Describe the structure of DICOT SEED with a neat diagram. [PTA]
[Public Exam: June 2012, October 2012]
10.Write two events involved in sexual reproduction flowering plants. Discuss the first event and write the types. Give the advantages and disadvantages of that event [PTA]
[Departmental Question Paper]
11.Smoke, smoke, everywhere smoke .Do you agree this situation is good for health. List out the harmful effects of coal burning.
[Public Exam: April 2012, April 2014]
12.What is Global village? What is the use of Global Village?
[Public Exam: June 2012]
13.What is the use of Global Village? What are the technologies used in the Global Village?
[Public Exam: October 2012]
14.What is green chemistry? Write any two principles of green chemistry. Mention some of the products produced by the process of green chemistry.
[Public Exam: October 2012]
15.In your area there is scarcity of water. Due to this the people are affected. So what are the measures to be taken by you to meet out the scarcity of water?
[Departmental Question Paper]

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