10th Science One Mark Questions

10th Science One Mark Questions

10th Biology

1. What are the HIV Tests?
ELISA and Western Blot

2. The first vaccine injected into a just born baby is?

3. What is the symptom of Vitamin A deficiency disease?
Night Blindness

4. Dolly was developed by where?
Roselind Institute in Scotland - 1996

5. What was the Edward Jenner period?
1749 to 1823

6. Who was coined by the term vaccine?
Edward Jenner

7. What is the usage of Acetic acid?
The production of vinegar

8. ___________ is the responsible for causing malaria?

9. Malaria transmitted by?
Anopheles – the female mosquito

10. What is the name of most serious plasmodium causing malaria?
Plasmodium Falciparum

11. Symptoms of tuberculosis?
Persistent cough and Loss of body weight

12. Which is the major disease in 1970?

13. Influenza causative agent is?
H1N1 Virus

14. ____ is alternate expression of same gene?

15. Pick out a non-antigen. Entry of ______?
Mother’s Milk

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