How to get more likes on facebook?

Ok. How to get more Facebook likes? Think nowadays which Facebook pages are got million likes? Yes! Public figures like your favorite actress, cricketer, world leaders, porn pages or politicians or etc... So the page topic is very very important. For example you created a page for your own city like “Newyork USA” the scope is only cover that particular city only. We can meet limited level audience in this category. At the same time you created a page about “Barack Obama” your page can cover over the world because of his excellence and world knowing leader. Many actress, actor, cricketer, tennis, football players have reached a world level popularity already so that we can reach very easy and the approach is simple to get the likes.

Do not support groups

You should name blame anybody or any country, religion based supports, community based posts will lose many likes due to opposite party ignore your page ever.

Choose attractive posts

Your page must active in the all the times so that everyone share your posts. Sharing is the master key for reaching new people. Reached new people you can get new likes. You must post the impressive posts daily is mandatory.

Posting time is important

The time of the post is very important if you post during the office timing, college timing, and your posts are not able to see by the user on that time it was useless. Other posts will down your post when the user entered in to facebook.

Post More on Weekends and Holidays

Simple logic most of the visitors are coming in to facebook on free time or weekend or festival holidays. We have already reached unique visitors so that this category people are our target.

Add few Admin's from different locations

You may please provide admin privilege to your friends who liked your page. Note that the persons should have a interest to post the news, photos from different locations, so that your page cover the entire scope of your page viewers because mind it the people are not coming from your city, they are coming from the universe.

Sharing is Most Important

Your post should impress your previous followers, at the same time if they shared your post is the only way to reach new facebook people can easily identify and know about your page. Take an example suppose 10 people shared your page and each person have minimum 100 friends, your post will reach 1000 people immediately. If 100 shares your post will reach 10000 people. So sharing your content is most important comparing with like the post and comment the post. Do not copy any image along with content from any other fb page and post in to your page it seems the doubt about your uniqueness of the page and many people already saw the same post in different pages. Your posts are should be unique that is the way you can get more shares because of your content and images are very new to facebook right. Mind these point and apply with your page will give excellent results.

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