Improve Adsense CPC

10 Ways to Improve Adsense CPC

chart for increasing adsense cpc rate

Everyone wants to increase Adsense CPC (Cost per click) from the online earning program served by Google. Before we go with How to increase Adsense CPC I hope no need to explain further about Adsense CPC since all are having an Adsense account and nowadays they only want to know how to improve Adsense CPC in a sustainable ways. CPC had decided the daily earning and overall earnings. Your daily page views, clicks are doesn't matter otherwise Adsense CPC has been playing a vital role for your earning graph in ascending mode. Website and Blog owners are not responsible for the CPC rate it just happened by the advertisers that means of Google Ad words clients. Ok what will do for increasing the CPC? Go through the 15 ways to improve your Adsense CPC and enjoy the glory.

1.Find the highest paying advertisers

First step to Improve Adsense CPC is simple, you just find out the highest paying advertisers from the Ad words campaign. Not getting? Hope everyone aware of Google Ad words campaign and every advertiser can fix the CPC rate for their own advertisements while handshake with Google Ad words for promoting their products. So, all the advertisers should not ready to paying highest money for single click and it should base on the product cost too. Out of 100% only 20% people or companies only ready to give more CTR (Click through Rate) for their advertisements. But these 20% highly paid ads only appears certain sites and blogs only based on the high traffic and popularity. Normal ads get 0.04 to 0.09 CPC for Asian countries websites and blogs or blog spots. Google generally hesitating Indian advertisers and they are not targeted revenue based ads in your blogs or websites even your blog have a unique and useful content. Why? That is different story. USA and UK based websites got $5 to $50 dollars for single click and the topics are totally differing. Look at the ad words highest paying advertisers and topics for offering more revenue.


Mesothelioma law firm

Mesothelioma Radiology

Mesothelioma cancer

Car donation in California

Life Insurance

Medical Insurance

Car Insurance

Donate your car to charity California

Donate cars in all major cities in USA and Canada

Online Classes

Car Insurance Companies in USA

The above mentioned topics are major samples and my full list was too large. Only USA Canada and UK based Insurance and Car donation charity business companies only willing to provide more Adsense CPC rate like $5 to $50 dollars to their clients. So you need to write more unique articles for the above topics with useful guidelines and do some SEO to make your page visible in the top of organic search results. This idea will bring more relevant readers / clients from USA and other countries and there is no doubt. Mind it your article / blog should reflects the real current scenario about the topic. Your blog must not write it just made for Google Adsense revenue. Don’t think about Adsense earnings and Adsense CPC just think about the page visitors needs. If you are not aware of these topics please step back from the battle and satisfy with your current earnings.

2.Convert your Blogs to World Level

If your website got more traffic around USA, UK, Canada and european countries your adsense CPC automatically jump in to high rate ...

If your website or blog articles just roofed with only one country or 2 or more countries ... that is not enough and you can earn only $3 to $9 is possible. Elaborate your articles to world level and get more audience from more countries will give a fruitful Ad sense earnings to you. You should post daily one article at least with good content with reliable examples will priceless.

3.Can I Post Comments in your Blog?

Hope your website forums / articles have an option for posting the comments by the visitors. If no please add the comment box for each page. Question and Answers will bring more and more customers to your website or Blogs as well as your page become a famous one. Allow people to register valuable feedback's in your every article will throw real time scenario to the new visitors.

4.Take Care of your Website name

This is an intelligent part of the adsense earning trick. All the content writers have been posting many different articles day by day with bad name of website. When you have started the Ad sense mission you must note each and every point carefully. Take an example you posted a Life Insurance in USA article with the website name of This is a bad manner for writing the articles and please chooses the common name and covers any topic to your website becoz Google Robot will map the keyword and website URL and description with meaningful content. Otherwise search engines skip your effort easily.

5.Are you satisfied with your Ads?

I trust you are watching the Ads which were requested by the Google Adsense algorithm in your website based on the content. If you felt any ad is irrelevant to your website please take a list and block those websites through your Google Adsense account settings.

Example: You wrote an article for Car Donation in USA but real estate ad has appeared in your website. In this circumstances visitor never click your ads. Appearing related advertisements is one of the major impacts of your revenue factors please minding it. See the picture for how to block the unwanted adsense ads.

ways to boost the adsense CPC and CTR

6.Who designed your website?

Hello, Please tell the answer for the following questions? Who is designed your website? How old your website is? It is responsive or not? Your page layout is neat or collapsed? Mobile visitors, IPAD users can view your pages freely? If your answer is no of any above please take care of that point. Convert your pages to fully responsive template or word-press templates so that mobile users can access the content very easy. Give the importance for your page layouts and placing the ads in the exact place like your home interior. Avoid third party advertisements in the same pages that will make an ugly look and congested feel to the customer.

7.Keep on updating your old articles

Even your post has reached many viewers you don’t sit with relax position. Keep on collecting more useful and unique information’s and update it regularly. SEO steps is not a single day process for keep on your pages on the top of the search engine results, it should be a day by day process for saving your SEO position and you need to work on every page or at least when you find times otherwise your page got down.

8.Increase more authentic traffic

More authentic traffic is the foremost earning key for adsense program. When your page has got more traffic, then the adsense robot has automatically placing very good ads against your contents. Very good means right targeted ads. Google wants to furnish more business to the Ad words clients not for ad-sense money makers. You are only getting the revenue sharing. Work hard and increase your revenue sharing and I hope this is not a primary income for you.

9.Your website loading fast

Avoid more images in the website pages. If needed optimize the images and give the right captions in the alt attribute. Allow Google robot to crawl your hosted server context liberally and design your page for loading very fast. Slow websites are hesitating by the page viewers and there is a possibility for getting 100% bouncing rate. Viewers landing time is so important in a minute sense it. Landing visitors only click your ads.

10.Connect Adsense account to Analytics

There is a provision for connecting analytics account through you ad sense account. Utilize this feature and avail it without delay. Please join hands with Google webmaster tools and check your website status, error reports, indexing pages etc., If you have find any warnings take care of that without more ado.


Hi, you had read many forums for increase the ad sense CPC rate in your website but my points are dissimilar and sustainable way. Hope everyone got my points from the above article and i wish you for the great success for improving your adsense earnings. Avoid fraudulent clicks and ideas will lose your account and you can loss everything. Truth never fails.

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