What is SERP?

What is SERP means?

Everyone knows Search Engine Result Page [SERP] while passing a query to Google Robot but we don't know it was an expansion of SERP. Many SEO beginners are afraid of some new SEO technical words today and the SERP is one of the words. A search engine results page (SERP) is showing the results returned by any search engine in response to a users keyword query.

The entire suggested lists have a title and description with web address information. Readers can choose the relevant links based on the impact from the Meta description which is written by the website owners.

What is Result Pages?

Normally Google shows 10 pages result while searching the topic. The result pages are purely came from the SEO websites and Google Ad words advertisers. The top green color recommendations are suggested by the Google and these references are happened by the paid search concept that means Google Ad Words program. The organic search results are followed by the paid search. Still confused with Organic search and Paid Search go ahead with next paragraph.

What is Organic Search?

A pure search engine results coming from the traffic. Traffic means the number of page views or impressions. At the same time how the particular page was involved in to web traffic is a key. Consider one example, you are a person to search a keyword in any one of the search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. When you searched one keyword and get the result pages immediately from the search engines. In the first page you can see top 10 page referrals from the search engines. These websites are displayed from what basis? The answer is web traffic. Mostly viewed pages and very good informative websites load on top of the results page. This is called Organic Search.

What is Paid Search?

Google has been offering the program name called Google Ad words. Through this program website users can sign up with Google Ad word program and pay some money for showing our own website links in the top of the SERP even our website don't have traffic. No need to apply SEO steps, no need to get more organic impressions. Just paid to search engine and promote your website or blog easily. Paid SERP listings are nothing but advertisements, or sponsored links, included by search engines in their search results. Website owners pay search engines to have their web pages listed here. However, this service is distinctive from pay per click, which refers to the advertisements placed on websites

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